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Rajapaksa regime has no development plans - Daya Gamage

The Mahinda Rajapaksa regime has no plans other than ruses to ensure profits for its henchmen on the pretext of developing the country, charged Eastern Province Opposition Leader Daya Gamage.
He was speaking yesterday (Sept. 23) at a public rally, held under the patronage of UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake, in support of the party candidates at the Kundasale Pradeshiya Sabha.
Mr. Gamage went onto say that it was only the UNP regimes which had taken the country on the correct path to development.

The Rajapaksa regime is making a big media show of making roads, flyovers, ports and airports after borrowing from the world.

It is allocating much more than the estimated expenditures on these, and the excess money goes to the regime’s bank accounts, the EPC Opposition Leader charged.

The people have gained nothing from the so-called development work, which profits only the henchmen of the regime, he said.

People are burdened with unemployment, and the jobs are not paying enough for their living costs as the commodity prices have skyrocketed.

Noting that only a UNP government will be able to change this as shown in history, he urged the masses to make the first step towards forming a UNP administration from the Kundasale PS.

UNP General Secretary Tissa Attanayake also addressed the rally .


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