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Councilor beaten up by police alleges govt. involvement in ‘grease devils’

Eastern provincial council member from the UNP Thambimuttu Aloysius Masilamani, beaten up by police when he tried to intervene in yet another case of ‘grease devils’, has alleged there was clear government involvement in the fear psychosis gripping several parts of the country.



Mr. Thambimuttu is  received treatment at hospital after the incident on August 17, when people surrounded the Urani Police Post and demanded action against a man who had cut and injured a girl.


When the EPC member, a retired assistant director of provincial education and his wife the principal of St. Michael National School in Batticaloa, had gone there and made inquiries about the matter, a high ranking police official who is in charge of the area had abused him in filth.

That police offcial's high handed attitude was a clear indication that grease  devils an occurance being perpetraded by the government ,people allege. 


As Mr. Thambimuttu was leaving the police post, a group of men in black had arrived there in an Army truck and beaten up all those present there, including him.


The EPC member is still in a state of shock and has difficulty in speaking due to the assault on him.


The province’s opposition leader Daya Gamage and councilor Shashidaran visited him at his home and inquired into his condition.


Mr. Thambimuttu said it was evident that there was a government hand in the ‘grease devil’ incidents.


This is clear because a government that had defeated the LTTE is still unable to bring a single perpetrator of this fear psychosis to book, the EPC member added.

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