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Justifiable doubt govt. is behind ‘grease devils’ - Daya Gamage

There is a justifiable doubt that the ‘grease devils’ who grip the Eastern Province with fear is something known to the government, said the province’s Opposition Leader Daya Gamage.

He was addressing the monthly meeting of the EPC.


Mr. Gamage said the suspects captured by the people and handed over to police are branded mental patients and released without being subjected to any medical examination.

Also, two others terrorizing the Kinniya area and given chase, were seen entering the Navy camp there, he pointed out.

This fear psychosis has already claimed several lives, said the EPC Opposition Leader, adding that the police should act with more responsibility.

If those behind it are actually persons with mental disorders, they should not be allowed to remain in society and sent to hospitals, he said.

Speaking further, Mr. Gamage said that he suspected the government was creating this panicky situation in an attempt to continue with the emergency regulations.

He also noted that most matters and comments pertaining to public issues raised by the councilors are confined to mentions in the Hanzard and they do not reach the people.

Due to the prevailing repression of the media, most journalists are reluctant to highlight such issues, he added.

Also speaking here, JVP councilor Wimal Piyatissa pointed out that the fear of ‘grease devils’ has engulfed not only the Eastern Province, but also many parts of the country.

Despite claims by police that it was only a rumour, it is said that this situation has arisen due to attempts to collect blood to eliminate certain bad lucks.

It appears that the security sectors are involved in this, and the government should take responsibility for the situation, Mr. Piyatissa added.

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