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UNP MP Dr. Anoma Gamage fulfils electrification request by village of SLFP supporters

UNP MP Dr. Mrs. Anoma Gamage has funded, through her decentralized budget, an electricity supply extension project for the very difficult village of Devalahinda at Damana in Ampara at the request of a longstanding SLFP supporter.

Speaking at the opening of the Aluth Ela Electrification Extension Project, realized at a cost of more than Rs. 150,000, Mrs. Gamage said her efforts, as well as those by her husband, Eastern Province Opposition Leader Daya Gamage, were not politically motivated.


All our efforts are driven by the motivation to serve and develop Ampara and uplift the lives of its people, she said.

The UNP MP said even without having the governing powers, they would continue to effectively serve the people, and that several programmes would be initiated within the next six month for their wellbeing.

However, those who have the power do nothing for the people, she said, adding that she was happy that a village that had been supporting the SLFP was getting the benefit of this electrification project.

Mrs. Gamage said she was saddened by the Devalahinda village not being connected to the National Grid even after 40 years, as told her during the last elections by Mr. Ukku Banda, who had been an SLFP supporter for as many years.

She urged the people to elect the UNP to power and enjoy dividends of development and prosperity to the fullest.

At the opening of the electricity extension project, Mr. Ukku Banda spoke to ‘Digatha News’, and said his village or its inhabitants had received nothing in return for having supported the SLFP all these years, but were deceived all the time.

He said all the villagers were immensely grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Gamage for having pioneered the project and given them the much needed electricity supply.

A large gathering of people, including Damana Pradeshiya Sabha member Lal Gurusinghe, attended the opening ceremony.

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